Stranded Naked will be taking a break from our Classic July Party
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Thank you very much for your understanding.
The Houseoat has been thru many Hurricanes

Berta: We were so prepared that the boat was full of people having a hurricane party and we spent the night at the front of the boat feeling the breeze but the damages were minor.

Floyd: I was flying to Brazil for Polar Air Cargo….(the same month I started dating my Brown eye Girl screaming Brazilian ) and I did not had time to go to GTC and take care of the houseboat Yell. So some local’s got her and let the anchor drop in black sound harbor without know if the anchor was tied or not. So the first squall coming from south drags the houseboat to shore. In the first little beach on the right, coming to Black Sound. That was my luck because even after the tide coming in she set right there with Zero damage. After the hurricane I spent a lot of time researching how I would take my boat from that place without damage the bottom. My airplane mechanic at that time gave me the best idea and opposite as everybody imagined we took the boat doing exactly what he said for me to do. Paying a bunch of guys and with the help of lot’s of friends, some doing cooking, some cleaning and some carrying weight, we built a dike around the boat and pump water from the ocean so the boat slowly started moving. We built about 4 times and finally she floated and came back to the dock…..

Frances and Jeanne: In 2004 we had some tough time and she was sitting at the mangroves for 3 month. We had some roof damage, gutters and railings but nothing bad at all.

Please take a look in our Gallery for all the pictures of our huge preparation before any hurricane.Tks

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